Taipei Jieyun murderer Zheng Jie was executed

Learned that Zheng Jie was executed
Beijing, May 10 (Reporter Chen Xiao willing to Xing Liyu) in the previous year in Taipei MRT (subway) train knife knife random shackling caused 4 dead 22 Injured Zheng Jie, 10 evening in Taipei was executed. Taiwan "Ministry of Justice" held a press conference at 9 o'clock that night, the Chief Secretary Chen Mingtang announced the news. May 21, 2014, Taiwan Donghai University sophomore students Zheng Jie take the Taipei MRT board southbound bound for Tucheng direction of the train, from Longshan Temple Station to Jiang Zizui station, the knife crazy slaughtered passengers, resulting in 4 Dead 22 injured The case shocked the whole station, and once caused the public panic. Chen Mingtang said at a press conference, "the Minister of Justice" Luo Yingxue approved the death penalty on the same day the implementation of Zheng Jie. 8:47 that night, the Taiwan High Court Procuratorate in the "Correctional Services Department of the Taipei Detention Center" execution ground. It is reported that Zheng Jie in the prosecution during the investigation of the crime did not regret; the end of the debate debated at the end of that "if the opportunity to go out will not kill"; second trial when the first time for the audience to listen to apologize. Court 1, the second trial were sentenced to death sentence Zheng, the defendant appeal. April 22 this year, Taiwan "Supreme Court" dismissed the appeal to maintain the death penalty set. Chen Ming Tang pointed out that Zheng Jie conviction is clear, and the attack when the consciousness is clear, no mental defects or mental loss, the crimes committed by it is significant, has reached the point of great concern. The crime situation seriously undermines the social order and stability, causing the public to panic, and the victims and their families caused by the eternal indistinguishable harm, which has been sentenced to four death penalty, "the Ministry of Justice" has its own law to achieve social justice Responsibility. That Zheng Jie was executed, a number of victims of the family called "This gives everyone a fair." The victim, Pandira's husband, also said that the people who wanted to steal the dog and commit the crime were in the role of a monster. In recent years, the issue of abolition of the death penalty in Taiwan has received attention. A recent poll released by Taiwanese officials shows that nearly 88% of people are not in favor of abolishing the death penalty.

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