Jiangsu nearly a hundred students were exposed to the wrong payment can not be on the official: false

This year within the specified time did not register the registration of students only more than ten
According to Xinhua News Agency recently, a report entitled "Taizhou a secondary school students missed the payment due to missed the admission fees" reported widespread concern. Reported that, according to the people of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, Mr. Zhang reflects, nearly a hundred new students did not pay 35,000 yuan in time to pay "training fee", Taizhou City Jiangyan District Excavated Experimental School to cancel admission qualifications. In this regard, the reporter went to Taizhou City Jiangyan District field investigation, Jiangyan District Education Bureau and the relevant person in charge of Reich Experimental school principals interview and respond: "The fact is not the case." Reporters investigation and verification, the school is a local private middle school, the collection of 34,680 yuan is not "training fee" is approved by the local price department tuition fees. The school page shows that the payment time for the July 4 to July 5 at 5 pm, 6:00 on the 6th to report to the summer job, and specifically that "when the unpaid fees are deemed to automatically give up admission." In this regard, the school principals Dou Aihua explained that the incentive is private secondary schools, prior to the public secondary school enrollment, and the local on July 10 to start the public secondary school recruiting work, so the rush to be completed in 10 days before enrollment. "Our school also announced the consultation phone, encountered ID card registration error, the name of the wrong, can not pay in time and other special circumstances, the parents of students can contact the school through telephone consultation to solve the problem, will not affect the children to school." Dou Aihua told reporter. Reporters learned that the school page on the "payment registration information" lists the three payment methods, respectively, for the mobile phone bank payment, online banking payment and admission with the student's identity card or residence booklet and registration number to Jiangyan area construction Bank of the network payment. "In previous years, payment registration time is only one day, and only on-site payment. School this year launched online registration, online payment and other new initiatives, and extend the payment time." Dou Aihua told reporters that this year within the specified time did not register students Only more than ten, and almost in previous years. For more than ten students to give up the registration fee, Dou Aihua explained that they give up the payment registration should be selected free public school. The school vice president Ding Hongbing said that after admission to determine the list, the school will promptly notify the parents of the parents within the specified time to register, SMS reminded parents to use computer inquiries, but also in the school site prominently prompted payment registration deadline. Received a notice of the school is only pre-admission on the list of students, after the registration is paid formal registration, to take "pre-admission" mechanism is also easy for students to "two-way choice." Some students parents told reporters, although talented private school, but in the local reputation has been better. "It is not easy to enter the rush, the competition is very intense, the child was rewarded to take a good thing, no special circumstances can not easily give up, lenient is also unlikely to close the examination of nearly 100 students." " All the children in the education stage have the responsibility of the government. Students who do not choose private schools will be free to go to public schools for free. We will never let any one child fall, which is the basic requirement of compulsory education. District Education Bureau deputy director Lin Zhongling said.

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