The market 9 into Ejiao food Department of poor quality leather Ejiao has become the industry unspoken rules

Ejiao ordinary food more than 9 percent are used to use low-quality donkey-hide gelatin
China Food News, recently, Zhejiang Province Food and Drug Administration issued the province in 2016 No. 2 drug quality announcement, a number of companies donkey-hide gelatin products are found to contain leather ingredients. The industry said that the so-called detection of leather ingredients, in fact, is to replace leather donkey skin production, the industry also known as acne glue, the fraud has become the industry's open unspoken rules. Supply and demand gap big donkey skin is not enough miscellaneous skin to scrape together this is not the first time the product was found to contain leather ingredients, as early as 2002, the CCTV had exposed a factory in Shandong to take the horse skin when donkey skin production donkey-hide gelatin event. After a few years later, Ejiao fake not only did not get to contain, and intensified. In 2010, China Central Television re-exposure of illegal manufacturers with a mix of leather scraps to do donkey-hide gelatin. More people in the industry broke the news that the general food with Ejiao more than 9 percent are using low-quality donkey-hide gelatin, or even do not contain donkey-hide gelatin. Wangjing Hospital, chief physician Li Zhi pointed out that the reason why the proliferation of donkey industry, the reason is that the production of donkey-hide gelatin raw materials - donkey skin resources shortage, in short supply, at the same time, the market demand for donkey-hidee is rising. It is understood that the number of donkeys across the country are in sharp decline. According to the "China Animal Husbandry Statistical Yearbook", the last 20 years, China's donkey inventory decreased year by year, by 2013, the national donkey stock volume of only 6.03 million, which than in 1991, 11.2 million full less than 500 million head. The number of donkeys is getting less and the price of donkey skin rises. Data show that 10 years, the price of donkey skin almost turned 100 times. 2010, each donkey skin is still less than 100 yuan, since 2012, donkey skin prices began to "runaway", the current price of a donkey skin up to 2,000 yuan or more. Shandong Ejiao Industry Association has said that the current national production of donkey-hide gelatin at least 5,000 tons or more, need donkey skin 4 million or so, but embarrassing is that the actual supply of domestic donkey skin less than 1.8 million. Donkey skin supply and demand gap of 2.2 million, these donkey skin resources to how to solve? In this case, the industry's unspoken rules are: donkey skin is not enough, miscellaneous skin to Minato. As for why Ejiao fake frequently selected leather, rather than other animal cortex, an unnamed medical practitioners said, according to price, performance and other factors to consider, leather is the most appropriate. "Ma skin ingredients have blood function, and donkey-hide gelatin is blood, leather, pig skin has nothing to harm, but the pig skin performance to be worse, leather has become the best choice." Price disparity ejiao products good and bad to visit the market Found that E-film, A plastic cake, Ejiao jujube, donkey-hide gelatin solid paste, Ejiao powder ... ... A variety of Ejiao products dazzling, product prices are also different, ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars. The industry's general argument is that boil 1 kg of donkey-hide gelatin takes about 3 kilograms of donkey skin. In other words, the genuine ejiao only donkey skin raw material costs, each kilogram will need more than 500 yuan, which has not count the various distribution links, transportation, labor and other costs, low-cost Ejiao the quality can be imagined. In a shopping site, a brand of 250 grams of Ejiao film price of 508 yuan, the seller said the product selection of fine black donkey skin, and another store selling "Shandong genuine E plastic block" is declared that they are using "pure donkey Leather "" Shandong East Ao well water boiled "" after 81 ancient process "" selected fine materials "and so on. This Ejiao block weighs 500 grams, the price is only 69 yuan. In addition, the current market on the true and false Ejiao controversy, businesses are also strongly claimed that they are using the donkey skin. Some say that they are in Shandong East A "origin of production, origin shipping"; some say yourself "using donkey skin Ejiao brewed, and take a DNA test, excluding horse skin, pig skin and other miscellaneous skin" , But also attached a test results. What is more, in addition to listed test reports, but also produced a series of production pictures, to prove that they are "true donkey-hide gelatin." There is also a seller in the product introduction in the "popular science" to distinguish between true and false Ejiao cake "coup". However, ironically, in the seller's shop related product reviews to see, many buyers said that after eating feel foolish to buy fake. Network sales of the vast majority of donkey-hide gelatin products prices concentrated in twenty or thirty yuan. Is the same as Ejiao, the price difference is so big? Experts pointed out that the good donkey-hide gelatin is made of donkey skin brew, "low-quality donkey-hide gelatin" is the use of leather, horse and other animal skin or bone as raw material, the price difference is mainly reflected in the raw materials. Some of the so-called Ejiao raw materials are even the skin with the ingredients are not, the basic ingredients are sesame seeds, red dates, peanuts and so on. Every autumn and winter season, a variety of private A plastic cake on the brush burst a lot of people circle of friends. However, the survey found that these so-called private coffee cake is actually no three products. According to the food and drug department staff introduced in the WeChat friends circle sale of the A-gel cake products must obtain food production license, do not produce only sales should also obtain food circulation permit. But the survey found that almost no one custom-made ejiao sellers can provide the above two licenses. It is understood that the current Ejiao market, both in accordance with the application for drug approval number, according to the relevant laws and regulations of drug management and pharmaceutical production enterprises to require the production of good practices; can also apply for health food approval number , According to the "health food management approach" and health food production enterprises GMP production requirements; can also apply for ordinary food production, according to the common food laws and regulations management and "food business general health norms" requirements of production. Triple identity led to the current management of ejiao regulatory "cracks", donkey-hide gelatin "identity" complex, both food, but also drugs, involving different regulatory authorities, so to bring problems to the regulation. According to the industry Mr. Dai said that these three types of ejiao products adulterated the degree of fraud is not the same. Which drug-donkey-hide gelatin, because the relevant laws and regulations of drug management, relatively more standardized. And donkey-hide gelatin health food raw materials in principle from the production of donkey-hide gelatin pharmaceutical factory to buy, but in fact, the real scientific procurement donkey skin raw materials are not many health care products also use low-quality donkey-hide gelatin. But the most terrible is called those who are known as Ejiao ordinary food, the market more than 90 percent of the products are using low-quality donkey-hide gelatin, or even no Ejiao. Why Ejiao fake for so many years is still repeated? Experts said that this is actually a great relationship with the characteristics of Ejiao products. It is understood that, whether it is donkey skin or horse skin, after brewed dissolved, it is difficult to have their own characteristics. Food and Nutrition Information Center expert Ruan Guangfeng pointed out that although the current genetic technology can detect what is the skin to do the donkey-hide gelatin, but for ordinary consumers, it is difficult to distinguish by the naked eye. Ruan Guangfeng pointed out that the bigger problem is that some businesses now wipe the edge of the ball, the ordinary food as a health food to sell, the health food as a drug to sell, supervision is indeed more chaotic.

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