Men grab the bus steering wheel court trial trial case was not sentenced in court

Suddenly grab the bus driver Kim hands in the steering wheel
The picture should be a trial. Jinghua Times reporter Zhao Siheng photo 49 years old should be a ride on the bus, because the family trivial upset, rushed to the cab to grab the driver's steering wheel. The driver firmly control the steering wheel emergency brake, but fortunately did not cause serious consequences. Yesterday morning, should be due to a dangerous way to endanger the public safety crime in Haidian court trial. Court, should be called, in the bus to think of all kinds of ring true, "daughter-in-law divorce, I can not find a job, 70-year-old mother also take care of me, so do not want to live." Jinghua Times reporter Zheng Yujia accused of recidivism should be severely punished 49 years old should be a, Jilin City, primary school education, before the incident unemployed. It is understood that in March 2009, should be a crime for fraud was sentenced to 2 years in February 2015 and because of intentional damage to property was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment. According to the prosecution allegations, March 11 this year, 9 o'clock in the morning, should take a 21 bus (carrying more than ten passengers) to the city of Haidian District, south of the new bridge west of the main ring, suddenly Grab the bus driver Kim hands in the steering wheel, causing the bus around the swing after the emergency brake. After the incident, should be a lot of people on the spot control by the car, then arrested by the public security organs. 21 bus driver Kim in the testimony that the day of the incident about 9:20, he drove the normal driving in the West Third Ring Road, sitting on the front door of a man, suddenly ran over to grab the steering wheel, The steering wheel four or five, "he was robbed when the expression is very hideous, I stopped the brakes on the main road." "I asked him why he grabbed the steering wheel, he did not say anything, I am afraid of anger he did not continue to ask," Kim said, then he opened the driver's side door side of the other side of the control, and the car after the flame Telephone alarm. It is understood that a behavior should lead to a female passenger knee injury, but because of anxious hurry, the passengers did not seek medical treatment will be hurriedly left. The public prosecutor believes that a dangerous way to endanger public safety, although not cause serious consequences, but its behavior violated our "Criminal Law" provisions should be dangerous way to endanger public safety crime to pursue its criminal responsibility. In view of the fact that a person has been sentenced to imprisonment for a crime, within 5 years after the execution of the sentence, and recidivism in accordance with the relevant provisions, it shall be punished. Confession wanted to jump back to the sea was rescued yesterday morning 10:30, should be brought into a courtroom. In the face of allegations, should be a plea. Should be a confession, because the family trivia, he wanted to suicide, that morning had wanted to jump after the sea, "but see people too much, thinking if the jump and then saved, then the white jump." Subsequently, should be a child in the hospital junction West, got 21 bus. Should be a certain, he sat on the bus again remembered a variety of ring true, "daughter-in-law divorced me, and I have cerebral thrombosis and diabetes, came to Beijing can not find a job, not only can not support more than 70-year-old mother , But also need to take care of the mother. " "I grew more and more feel that I was superfluous, I do not want to live, even into the prison than the day now strong," should be a certain position, he sat from the bus driver only one step distance, he came forward to seize the Steering wheel, "I want to pull the steering wheel to change the car line, the driver kicking the steering wheel, I did not pull." Prosecutor said that should be a behavior there is a big security risk, the bus in the rocking instability or bus brakes, it is easy to let the passengers on board the car was injured. In addition, the bus is easy to happen with the adjacent lane car cut, resulting in traffic accidents. It is understood that a public security organ should be questioned, said, "do not do the next time, will not be involved in others, to death, I am a person to go after the sea." The case was not sentenced in court. Link to the crime of public safety is punishable by dangerous method of harm to public safety is a general offense, is deliberately to set fire, water, explosion and put dangerous substances other than dangerous methods, enough to endanger public safety behavior The The object of the crime is public security, subjective manifestation of intentional. In the event of a dangerous and dangerous approach to public safety, the offense is a crime of conduct, whether or not it causes serious consequences, as long as the conduct of the act of endangering public safety constitutes the offense. Therefore, the criminal law provides that dangerous means of harming public safety has not yet caused serious consequences, and shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years. If serious consequences are caused, it shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death.

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